About Us


Chix Ultimate Vision

To create an inspiring and safe world-wide environment and circle of influence for all women to discuss life/business priorities, brainstorm and implement creative ideas to elevate themselves and their families in their faith, relationships, philanthropies and careers. Every woman is unique and has a mission in life. Chix prides itself in fostering encouragement, praise and recognition for efforts and participation.  We help you identify your mission and boldly go after it.


Why Chix

We cultivate leaders by developing value, trust, respect, teamwork and a sense of belonging. Our membership (link to membership info) is unique in that it connects women on all levels of life, offering personal and business development boot-camps, life changing events and more exposure through our Chix Quest Speaker program. 


What's in it for Me

Life can get busy and women need a network of like-minded women to bounce ideas off of, learn to prioritize, keep the peace and feel that they are a part of something bigger than themselves.


 Diane's Master Mind was key in helping me gain clarity in my vision for my business , develop action steps and accountability to take those steps to turn the vision to a reality. I went from a sole psychotherapy practitioner to a thriving Group Practice with  5 clinicians and growing to keep up with the flow of referrals Thanks DIANE!  

Sara Rector MFT

Circle of Life Center

Thousand Oaks,  CA

805 494-1414


I had the wonderful privilege to work side by side with Diane Williams on many occasions and want to share how much I admire Diane's passion, mission and vision for her business and life. She has a very rare ability to incorporate her life and work at the same time and be successful in them both, not compromising one for the other. I loved being a part of a former 'Chix On a Mission' class and I loved hearing she was going to start to offer online courses as I see a great connection with how she helped many people also capture their own vision for their future endeavors and goals. 

Vicki Yount

Life Coach, Life Purpose Coach Speaker

Women's Ministry Leader 

Chix on a Mission Mastermind has helped me turn my vision into reality.  Her course kept me accountable for my actions, thus allowing me to be successful.  The insight I gained has helped me far beyond business. Through the collaboration that I had with Diane I was able to work to expand my business and myself.

Margaret ONeal

Strategic Consultants Inc